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Islamabad, Pakistan
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I believe that abstraction has the power to transfer the viewer in to another world, the inner world of feeling and imagination; I surround my self in solitude ‘it’s a level which lies just beyond your conscious awareness and you find yourself alone there enables your mind to grasp what it feels. I remain there for hours and visualize. Then I create to express, to explore, to touch places in hidden areas.

 My creativity unleashed, reveals a portfolio that is diverse, rich, and captivating. I have worked with various mediums such as Oil on Canvas, Charcoal Drawing, and Dry Pestle. I have produced a wide variety of images such as human, horse and fish figure compositions, landscapes, abstract compositions, transformed objects, creative portraits, photo realistic portraits, reliefes and sculptures.

 The Art I have been perusing since I held my conscious awareness is a redefinition of the places that have never been visited before. It’s a complete history, & the journey to reach there is my work through which a viewer can attain and experience a new reality, its own physical existence, a composite image of thoughts, memories and associations.

 Penciling down the initial sketch is the most critical stage in my work, a fundamental and the basic element of the entire activity; it allows me to explore a personal vision in a private language. When a painting process begins, I never have a fixed scene in mind; the decision to use a particular color is the start of a gradual transformation. Regardless of the source, once made, the line takes on its own identity with its own meaning which becomes a journey into colors and shapes on surface.

Turning from a realistic figurative painter to abstract designer and consistently pursuing my desire to bring-up delight and excitement using the most basic of visual elements like colors and shapes. Each painting is a master Piece. It is highly colorful, life-affirming and often has an apparently playful quality. Every diverse background I have experienced has been with whole hearted enjoyment, which enhances them through a process of excitement, spontaneity and facility that are all close to, my heart.

 I strive to create equilibrium between concentrating more on the commitment and innovative aspects of my vocation; and exhibiting what I would like to consider as my forte. My future work will have a theme of “Motives & Designs Emerged in Nature” in addition to a theme of “Save Humanity”.

Pakistani Fine Artist Sajida Hussain

With an artistic nature and passion of creation I have been pursuing my interest and career in arts since my early years of education. Graduated  with a major in Fine Arts from FG College Islamabad,Pakistan after which I joined Hunerkada College of Visual Arts Islamabad, Pakistan  and subsequently the Academy of Mansoor Rahi Islamabad, Pakistan for Creative Arts. Not only did I learn the values of abstraction,  but also streamlined my modes of expression during these academic years. I have my own style and a firm belief that abstraction has the power to transform a set of objects into a theme. My work posses the ability to transport the viewer to another world: the inner world of imaginations and feelings; I observe various objects from my surroundings, absorb and compile them. The result is a work of art that evolves from that visual picture in my mind. I particularly derive pleasure from sketching because of their natural and spontaneous qualities; I actually gravitate towards the nature. I aim to give shapes and colors to my imagination, views and thoughts. My painting is an attempt to relate beauty with nature, for every painting there is an inspiration behind it, some times it is a thought, a concept or a view that comes in my mind which I may not be able to express in words but I am sure one can see in my paintings. In short I would say that my work is my silent expression.Promoting the study of art has always been something I have been passionate about which is why I try to make as much time as possible to conduct classes at my studio. My whole life revolves around thinking about the beauty of the nature and it always inspires me. Everyday I walk in to my studio. It’s an urge, an obsession, a lifestyle, something I must do to survive. When I open the studio doors, the smell of the paints, turpentine, is intoxicating and sets me into the right mode to create and express myself; I can spend the entire day in there.I have three wonderful children who inspire and encourage me with their humor, and interesting ways of perceiving the world. My husband, who has retired from his 35 years of dedicated service to the aviation industry, also provides wonderful support and encouragement.I will always be doing what I do now because I believe that my work is my way of life. Each painting is an attempt to relate beauty that surrounds us with nature and its symbolism of motivation, success, sorrows, and happiness. I want to create images that are inspiring and beautiful.Since the year 2000, I have held several solo and group exhibitions through out Pakistan in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Few of the Art galleries that have hosted my exhibitions are The Art Gallery – Karachi, Alliance Francis – Karachi, Avantguad Gallery – Karachi, Nomad Art Gallery– Islamabad, PNCA – Islamabad, Hamail Art Gallery – Lahore.

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